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Come, child, and be not afraid of my flame.

I forged you in my image,

and smelted the life into your bones.

My light shines through the ore of your veins.



PLEASE READ: CW Journal Skin Donations

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 8, 2015, 2:11 PM
Unicorn Princess

CSS Skin

Hi guys!

The funds that went towards the Chevalin journal skin are being rerouted to making a new journal skin for my group. Anyone who has a problem with this, please get into contact with me with proof of payment and you will be refunded. My skype is starliecake, but feel free to note me as well. <3


New Group FAQ

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 8, 2015, 1:00 PM
Unicorn Princess

CSS Skin

Will the new group be open to non-chevalin members?
While the very first opening may or may not include an opening for non-chevalin members, all following openings will!

Will we be able to keep all of our CW characters?
Yes, you will be able to immediately transplant all characters that you earned in Chevalin.

Will we have to start from the beginning with our characters?
The admins are working on a solution to this problem and it will be addressed as the group gets on its feet.

Can we change our character's appearance from what they were in Chevalin?
Yes of course!

Will there be a rank system?
Yes, absolutely! We will prioritize getting characters whose owners want them to change as little as possible into ranks that will change them as little as possible. 

Will we be able to join with a completely new character?

Who are the admins?
DawnsComing, dry-oasis, Ginger-Goddess, and Jennycallie

Do you need more admins, or mods?
No, and we have a great mod team already assembled. :)

Can I contribute in any way?
We may well need help with graphics! Dropping me a note on Skype that you're willing to help will allow me to keep you in mind should we need to call on anyone, and of course you'll be compensated in-game.

What is this group going to be like for me, a member?
This will be a group where the community comes first. Your voice will matter a lot to us, as we want to foster a family atmosphere.

What about my character's gift?
We will have a gift system implemented (as the idea predates Chevalin, even among equine groups) and there will be a lot of overlap with the gifts offered in Chevalin, as well brand new sparkly gifts to look forward to. So far, here's the 'deets:
- There is no slot system, meaning you don't have to rush for your gift out of worry that all spots for it will be taken.
- There will be a way to choose your gift. While we'll retain the system of suggesting gifts, there will be an option to (with a little more effort on your part) choose the one you want specifically.
- There will be a (very difficult but doable) way to earn dual gifts for your character.

Are Ignacio and Amadeus part of the group?
You betcha. The folders in my gallery and favorites called "???" have to do with the new group. :)

When do you plan on opening?
We are AIMING for a very ambitious four week period, but we hope you understand if it takes us a bit longer!

I see Ignacio, Alya, Cascade and Amadeus aren't horses... will there be breeds other than horses!?
Yes! There will be five breeds: Horse, Unicorn, Pegasus, Hippocampus, and Kirin. Besides horse, the species are all unlockable, at varying degrees of difficulty.

If we are planning on converting our CW character to the new group, must they remain a horse?
Your starter aka first character in the group must be a horse. While you can certainly change your other characters to the new breeds, you will most likely have to unlock the breed first. This isn't quite set in stone, though, and there may be ways to unlock them early during the grand opening.

If we unlock a specific species of Equine, will we be able to convert our existing character to that species, or must we create a new one under that species?
They have to remain the species that they were originall. While we may implement a (very rare) item down the road that will change your character in-story to a new breed, it's not terribly likely, just for character-breaking reasons. Sorry!

Are we allowed unnatural colours?
Much like Chevalin, the characters will need to be natural colors but as permitted to have minor unnatural markings. However, certain traits of the various breeds will be permitted to have fantastic colors, such as the horns of unicorns, the scales on kirin, and the fins of hippocampus. Iris color can be anything!

Is there a character limit?
Nope! Characters will be earned by leveling the ones you already have.

Is there a currency system?

Will there be companions?
Yes! Called Familiars, we will have them available at the grand opening.

Will members who had strikes in Chevalin retain those strikes?
This group is a fresh slate for everyone. No strikes will be retained.

Does that mean people who were banned from Chevalin can join?
Yes, because this isn't Chevalin and that wouldn't be fair in the slightest.

If you have a question that wasn't answered here, please add below! Also feel free to join us in our chatroom!…


Dear Chevalin Members,

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 8, 2015, 8:31 AM
Unicorn Princess

CSS Skin

Hey guys! At this point sadly Chevalin Wanderlust has shut down, due to a few things that were weighing heavily on the staffs' hearts individually and as a group, including differences in our vision of where the group should head. Don't fear though, as a few of us old Chevalin groupies are cooking up something new and exciting so you don't have to give up your Chevalin characters completely!

It's not going to be Chevalin, or even related to it at all! Just another horse roleplay group that you are welcome to transplant your characters into if you want. Members of CW will be auto-accepted and will get a little something special!

I hope you're all as excited as we are. <3 If you need further details, please don't hesitate to contact my on skype, my username is starliecake.


We want our group to have a TON of accessories. Start suggestin'! 

28 deviants said <3


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tarried-sea Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
My dear Queerly. Are you keeping any/all of your CW characters? I'd still like to do some giftart of them, but if they're "retired" & not going into the new group, then I may wait to see what new OCs you come up with... :giggle:
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